Alyona Lipilinskaya

 Born on 22.11.1984, Minsk

2004 - graduated from the Minsk  Art College named after Y.  Glebov, Sculpture Department

2010 - graduated from the Belarus State Arts Academy, Sculpture Department

2001, 2004- scholarship-holder of the special fund established by the President of the Republic of Belarus for the Support of Gifted Youth

Major exhibitions:
2004-2010 - student exhibitions at the gallery of the Belarus State Arts Academy
2002-2003 - international exhibition, contest “Art-Sessio” (Vitebsk, Belarus)
2003,2008 - Republican exhibition of works made by scholarship-holders of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the Support of Gifted Youth (Minsk, Belarus)                  

2006 - Art Exhibition, master class in sculpture and painting of the People's Artist of Russia, Academician and Professor V.A.Maloletkov (Moscow, Russia)
2008 - Exhibition of sculpture and graphics "Point, line, volume." (Minsk, Belarus)
2009 - Exhibition of sculpture "She's mine" (Minsk, Belarus)
2009 - exhibition of sculpture "Abvayatselnae Mastatstva " (Minsk, Belarus)
2009 - International Festival of Arts "Dach-10" (Minsk, Belarus)
2010 - Republican Youth Art Exhibition (Minsk, Belarus)
2010 - International Sculpture Exhibition of Outstanding Art College Graduates (ISEOACG) 2010 (China, Beijing)
2010 - Art-Exhibition "Out of Me" (Minsk, Belarus)

2003 - prizewinner in the category "sculpture" of the Republican contest "Olympic Sport and Art"
2003 – first place diploma of  the 4th National Art Contest
2004 - first place diploma of the National Art Contest, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of I.V. Ahremchik
2006 – open-air in stone sculpture (Vertilishki, Belarus)
2007 - international open-air «Artistic Summer» (Kryzhova, Poland)
2008 - international open-air on the basis of the Museum of World Sculpture and Decorative Arts (Evpatoria, Autonomous Republic of Crimea)
2009,2010 - open-air in sculpture (Kaliningrad, Russia)