...few words about "Pantheon"

 The sculpture park has been created since 2008 in an old German park in Zaozerie, not far from the city of Kaliningrad (Königsberg) on the territory of Kaliningrad region (Russia). At that time there was held the first sculptural open-air. Sculptors from Russia and Belarus were creating their sculpture works in granite, embodying their own ideas. Nobody of them thought then about a possibility of the sculpture park, the place where people could touch their works, get acquainted with their creativity, have a rest and spend time in the cultural environment.
  Today it is a reality. AHCO "Pantheon" is an organization made for assistance in professional realization of creative and business activity of youth and creative people of all age categories. "Pantheon" arranges art open-airs, symposiums, conferences devoted to creativity and art problems. Every year "Pantheon" unites more and more talented artists with good prospects – sculptors, pencil artists, painters, and designers.


On territory of the sculpture park in Zaozerie there take place yearly symposiums - open-airs with participation of young sculptors and artists from Russia, Belarus and other countries. The range of the sculptural materials offered by organizers is great: stone, chamotte, wood, welded metal, plaster. Samples of souvenir production have been worked out and made. There have been also made all conditions for fruitful work and rest for painters and pencil artists.

  Today in "Pantheon’s” funds there are works of park sculpture, chamber sculpture, miniature, painting and drawing.
"Pantheon" promotes advancement and realization of perspective projects of young creative people, and collective projects as well.

  Our site is open for cooperation with curators of art projects, owners of art galleries, journalists, and people from all over the world, who are interested in art.

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